Anatomy of a Cofferdam

Our cofferdam consists of five (5) basic components:

• Two (2) heavy duty vinyl coated-polyester fabric internal bladders
• One (1) heavy duty woven geotextile internal baffle
• One (1) heavy duty woven geotextile exterior protective shroud
• Quick connect fill ports on internal bladders
• Quick connect drain ports on internal bladders

How Our Cofferdams Work

Our cofferdams are water filled; dual bladder systems wrapped in a woven geotextile heavy-duty shroud. Once filled to its holding capacity, the width of the dam will be greater than twice its height. This wider footprint along with the baffled design allows for a highly stable water control system. As outside water builds alongside the cofferdam the pressure will cause it to want to shift inward toward the area of least resistance. If you refer to the graphic below, you will see how the bladders and baffle work together to help offset the force of the water. By redirecting pressures exerted along the outer wall downward the Cofferdam will settle and “sit”. Through this redirection of force, the baffle allows the cofferdam to resist a natural tendency to roll away from the pressure exerted on its outer wall.