Industrial Wastewater

One-Step Flocculant Leaders

Our product manufacturer has been able to develop unsurpassed treatment programs for over 40 years. Thanks to their flocculent technologies, filtration medias, high absorption solidification and extensive laboratory capabilities we are able to provide our clients the best treatment option on the market today. This allows us to be a pioneer and innovator in treatment solutions to the industrial, municipal, and oilfield wastewater markets.

Our treatment products are adaptable to most manufacturers’ equipment. This one-step process allows our clients to treat wastewater containing a wide variety of contaminants including emulsified oils, heavy metals, and suspended solids. Our solidification products turn unstable sludge into a solid that can be disposed of in landfills. Our manufacturers in-house laboratory services allow us to conduct treatability studies and design optimal treatment programs to fit the wide array of our clients’ treatment requirements.

  • Reduce or eliminate your monthly sewer use surcharges for METALS, FOG, TSS
  • Generate non-leaching sludge that passes TCLP in wastewater treatment using RM-10® products
  • Pass slump, paint filter, and TCLP tests by using LIQUISORB® solidification products

Market Examples:

  • Adhesives
  • Ceramic slurry
  • Circuit board manufacturing
  • Coolants, synthetic & oil based
  • Die-casting
  • Dye penetrants
  • Floor scrubber/mop water
  • Food processing 
  • Heavy metals removal
  • Landfill leachate
  • Metal finishing
  • Potable water treatment
  • Paints, inks, and dyes
  • Parts washers
  • Printing
  • Corrugated wastewater
  • Slaughterhouse water
  • Sludge thickening and conditioning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Power plant wastewater
  • Vibratory deburring
  • Pressure washer water
  • All washwaters