Civil / Industrial Construction

Environments and jobs in the Civil and Industrial Construction sector can vary greatly. Water-filled cofferdams are commonly used to install culverts and pipe alongside roadways, building/repairing bridges and boat docks in marine or marsh environments. The water coffers can also be used in industrial settings acting as temporary containment berms during emergency situations or even just to assist in refurbishing or replacing liners in reservoirs. Depending on the environment the cofferdam is to be deployed in, both rental and purchase options are available. Our cofferdams allow for containment of water in natural or industrial settings with a minimal disturbance to the local environment.

Friendly Economically and Ecologically

As with other types of construction the advantages of achieving the same results faster, while using minimal man and machine power gives the water filled cofferdam an edge as opposed to traditional methods. In most cases the cofferdam will leave little to no disturbance when removed from the deployment site. This means less time having to undo damages that extensive dirt work when dealing with environmentally sensitive areas. Saving time on both the front and back end of a project allows for crews to do the work and then get on to the next quickly. On most projects you can have a water filled cofferdam up and down in less than 24 hours per stage.