Oilfield / Pipeline Construction

When working with general contractors A.W.C. can provide both sales and rentals to achieve a fast and secure barrier to hold back water of varying heights. Efficiency means everything in the contracting world and the ability to have a water-filled cofferdam up quickly while using a minimal amount of manpower and machinery gives A.W.C. an edge in comparison to most methods that involve moving dirt with machinery or sheet pile placement. We can have 12′ worth of water retention up in less than 24 hours, with diligent monitoring of the exterior water levels the cofferdam can stay up indefinitely. When the job is over the water filled cofferdam comes out in approximately the same time it went up. When removed the cofferdam leaves little to no impact on the local landscape.

In the oilfield more than any other sector, time is money

Our water filled cofferdams shine when it comes to speed.  Most standard dewatering projects are as simple as collecting information during the initial call, selecting the appropriate size cofferdam and then having it and a supervisor sent to the job site for deployment. Emergency situations can expedite the process, depending on the distance to be traveled and availability of product needed a jobsite can have a water filled cofferdam on site and deployed within 48 hours of the initial call. The ability to get a site dewatered within hours of the products arrival onsite truly sets the water filled cofferdam apart from other methods commonly used in the industry.