A Unique Solution for Water Storage

Water-filled cofferdams are most commonly utilized in construction and flood prevention; however, a third and often overlooked way to use the cofferdams is water storage. Whether a customer needs potable water supply following a natural disaster or needs a stable reservoir for oilfield operations, our water-filled cofferdams offer a viable and minimally invasive solution.

There are 2 basic layouts for water storage use:

Open Air Layout

In an open air layout, the cofferdams are deployed and filled creating an internal barrier for the water, acting as a levee for simplicity. Based on the available footprint and water needs the specific cofferdams are selected and deployed per job. Once the cofferdams are onsite the interior is filled with water up to 70% of the total height of the cofferdam. Open air layouts allow multiple pumps to access the reservoir at once, speeding fill and de-watering times–providing a solution that is ideal for water that is constantly in use.

Closed Air Layout

Confined air layouts use the water-filled cofferdams themselves as a storage vessel. The cofferdams are fitted with fill and drainage ports, keeping all water contained within the unit itself preserving the integrity of the water within. The airtight seal prevents contamination by any local flora, fauna or pollutants. This is ideal for a source of potable water. Cofferdams can be sourced at up to 91,000 gal. per unit, filling a 200′ x 12′ footprint each.